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Some of the trophy saddle stands commissioned by the Texas Paint Horse Club for their 2014 Power of Pink Show.

DONATIONS- Susan's Saddle Stands receives many requests for donations to good causes. Due to having so many requests I can only fulfill a few per year...I am limited to 3 stands per year but no limit on Gift Certificates. 

SADDLE STAND---$99.99-(covers cost of shipping/handling)   Rustic or Rustic Plus Series style stand with simple art and lettering organization 

NOTECARDS---$20 covers cost of shipping/handling--- A selection of 10 packaged horse art notecards will be sent to your organization. Packages are 2 or 3 notecards with envelopes. 

HORSE/PET PORTRAITS--- Gift certificates for $25 and $50. Organization pays $5 shipping/handling plus $1.50 per gift certificate. (Winning bidder responsible for shipping/handling of resulting portrait.)

ARTWORK--- original and/or print artwork, notecards, all attractively packaged ready for give-aways or auctions...ONLY  $5 per artwork plus shipping/handling ($10/up) depending on weight of final artwork package.   My choice on artwork.

NOTE---your organizations will receive back all monies spent for artwork, shipping and handling in the form of gift certificates rounded up to nearest dollar.

If contact form does not work you can contact me at [email protected]

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